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US – Genesis delivers 150th game

By - 6 d'octubre de 2014

Genesis Gaming, a leading provider of video slot games, has delivered its 150th game, coming less than a year after their 100th game.

The enhanced focus on speed to market has allowed their games to roll out to players at a breakneck pace. As the volume of titles has increased, so has their support for a wider range of customers and partners.

“I credit our two-studio approach for reaching this milestone so quickly after our 100th game,” said Geoffrey Hansen, Managing Director of Genesis. “With a studio in Vancouver and one in Las Vegas, we have been able to get the best talent from both the video game and gaming worlds.”

Genesis creates games in a multitude of formats, for land, online, social and mobile casinos. Conception XD, the cross-platform development and delivery framework launched by Genesis last year, allows for simultaneous delivery of Flash, HTML5, native iOS and Android. This game-changing technology allows them to deliver games on mobile and online at the same time.

“We have been able to have fewer resources devoted to porting games across platforms,” said Scott Sims, co-founder and creative leader of the company. “It’s made us able to do even more of what we do best — create high-performing video slots.”

The tremendous depth of their catalogue encompasses both games created for general release and bespoke content for clients. Genesis has patent-pending innovative concepts, high-performing core games, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Genesis Gaming is also announcing a new logo. The new logo was designed to better reflect the global nature of the business.

“This new logo corresponds with the evolution of the company,” said Geoffrey Hansen. “As we grow, we are working with more partners and more clients across more jurisdictions around the world.”
Genesis maintains an international list of clients and partners boasting some of the most prominent companies in the gaming industry. Players have enjoyed games localized for their country, as Genesis provides many slots with multilingual support and produces games for euros, pounds, dollars and credits.

Players have taken notice of the innovative video slot games produced by Genesis Gaming since its creation in 2008. With top-performing games on real-money online casinos and flexible engineering allowing them to be launched on the widest range of platforms available, Genesis is a world-class company.

Also announced was their new tagline, “Superior slots. Proven performance.” As part of their new ad campaign, this new tagline speaks to the quality that has lead their games to be launched on real-money, social and mobile casinos, and on some of the machines of some of the largest gaming manufacturers in the world.

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