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Granada: Granada a prop d'aprovar els casinos d'hotels

By - 20 d'agost de 2014

The Grenada Parliament has approved the Casino and Gaming Act 2014 to allow casino gambling with the next move seeing the bill presented to the Senate for debate.

The proposal would allow owners of hotels with over 300 rooms to apply for a licence to operate a casino inside the property.

Grenada is an island country at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea.
Tourism Minister Alexandria Otway-Noel said: “This bill will help us to do what God wants us to do … our tourism sector demands more entertainment. We have the opportunity now to redesign our tourism sector so that it can bring great benefits to our people.”

Planning and Economic Affairs Minister Oliver Joseph, added: “The casino must be on the premises. You cannot have the hotel in one location like St George and the casino in St David. No person under 18 or locals will be able to go into a casino to participate in the activities.”

Grenadians will not be able to gamble and face fines of EC$10,000 if they do.

Government legislator Tobias Clement doesn’t believe the ban on locals is fair. “That section of the bill appears to be giving more rights to the visitor than a local with regard to gambling rights as it is restricting their movement and right to assembly. You cannot tell people how to spend their money,” he said.

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